About Us

BlockChain Group Company Limited (Stock code : 00364.HK)Integrates big data and applies the block-chain technology to software development, Internet of thins services to realize the application of big data in the traditional fields.

Organize the communication and cooperation among industry, academic field and research of BlockChain at home and abroad. Apply BlockChain technology to solve the problem of food traceability, focusing on the standardization and industrialization of BlockChain technology and creating a complete industrial eco-system of BlockChain.

Group predecessor

BlockChain Group Company Limited (Stock code : 00364.HK) formerly known as: Ping Shan Tea Group Limited. The group is one of the few leading listed tea companies with forest rights certificates, self-owned tea gardens and famous brands. The predecessor mainly engaged in high-end traditional Chinese Oolong Tea- planting, production, processing and sales of Tieguanyin.

The company has been committed to the tea garden ecological transformation and standardization of using pesticides and fertilizers in order to create pollution-free tea gardens. Due to the extremely high requirements for the home-grown tea industry, the group changed its name to “A Company”). After that, by leveraging the technology of the BlockChain, the food can be traced back to the source. In order to meet the “past life and present life.”, the long-term demand of the market for food. The group is focuing on the development of “food traceability” BlockChain technology.