Production/Processing/ Sale of Tea

Our vertically integrated business model consists of production, processing and sale of tea, helps to gain a more effective control on the quality and costs of raw material in tea plantation base.

Our automatic production line ensures the quality and hygiene level of refined tea during processing and packaging stage.

Ping Shan currently has an extensive sales network of more than 100 sale points, covering over 22 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China.
Sale of raw tea conducts on a wholesale basis, while refined tea is through the Group’s retail outlets, third-party retailers and direct consumer sales.
The Group is currently establishing an online sales channel and an electronic business platform, while developing commercial tea, instant tea and tea bags and other product categories.

The Group currently employs a diversified marketing strategy, promoting its own brand “Ping Shan Famous Tea” in various locations including magazines, TV commercials, billboards, etc., in hope of enhancing and unifying the Group’s image.